Looking For Trustworthy Auto Repair in Kanata? Ask Your Mechanic These 3 Important Questions

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Looking For Trustworthy Auto Repair in Kanata? Ask Your Mechanic These 3 Important Questions


Our cars are not just a means of transport for the vast majority of us. Our cars have become assets, investments and for some of us, our most prized possessions. Whether you love your car for its beauty and performance, or simply because it allows you to conduct your everyday life with ease and productivity, cars are widely viewed as indispensable.

So, when something unexpected happens to our most prized possession or it is time that we afford it some well-deserved TLC, we understand that almost every individual would like the peace of mind that the establishment they are going to hand their car over to is trustworthy enough to do their job efficiently and honestly. In order to assist you in this decision, we have comprised a list of three questions you can ask the mechanic at your auto repair in Kanata to ensure you can trust them completely to take care of your car.

Don’t be afraid to put them under the microscope. If professional, they’ll give you that A+ you’re looking for when putting them to the test!

  1. Can You Acquire A Breakdown Of Each Of Your Repair Options? 

More often than not, there is more than one way to fix any car issue. Some mechanics have been known to steer their clients in the way of the most expensive option and unfortunately, this isn’t always the best option. You’re no fool! To ensure that you are choosing the best route for your budget enquire about all of your repair route options, make sure you ask a lot of questions so you fully understand everything and then ask the mechanic which repair option he recommends and why.

  1. Can You See Your Old Car Parts?

When a mechanic replaces any part on your car, you can request to view the old part. Many mechanics opt to return your old car part to you in the box of the replacement part once they have completed their services. This not only allows you to compare the old part with the new one, but it is reassurance that the part has been replaced. If the part of the car that was replaced is too heavy or too messy to return to you, a mechanic should still show you this part when returning your car. If your mechanic refuses to let you see any of your old car parts, you should think twice about their level of trustworthiness, to say the least.

  1. Do They Offer Warranties On Their Products And Services?

An auto repair shop that is confident and trusting of their mechanic’s work and the products they use will almost always offer warranties on their services as well as their replacement parts. Ask your mechanic what type of warranties they offer as warranties can vary from shop to shop and if there is no warranty at your selected auto repair service, you may want to ask them why exactly that is.

These three questions can make it easy to suss out which mechanics and auto repair shops are trustworthy and which are not, helping you make the absolute best choice in a mechanic to work on your beloved vehicle. Stittsville Automotive Services pride ourselves on delivering friendly, honest, and professional auto repair services to all of our customers, every time. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your auto repair needs.

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