Auto AC Repair Services Stittsville – Kanata

Keep Your Car Temperature Constant, All Year Long

While you probably don’t really think about your vehicle’s A/C unless it’s a scorching hot or freezing cold day, a car’s air conditioning system actually performs several important tasks. Proper maintenance is just as important for your air conditioner as other aspects of your vehicle and an inspection should be performed regularly to ensure it’s still operating as it should be.

There are several causes for your air conditioner to no longer pump out cool or warm air like it’s supposed to, including running out of refrigerant, clogged air filters, blockages that prevent air circulation or damage to the compressor. If you find your A/C is no longer pumping with the power it used to, getting it checked and serviced will save you from further issues down the line.

Here are a few interesting facts and reasons why servicing your air conditioner is so important:

It Defrosts Windows And Windshields

We all know the frustration of fog and frost building up on our windshields, leaving visibility and the driver’s ability to react in a timely manner, dangerously reduced. Your air conditioner serves a vital function in times like these. Turning your A/C on will rapidly reduce the moisture in your car, which in turn will get rid of the fog in no time.

The Heating Function Cools Your Car’s Engine

While not many people know this, your car’s air conditioner helps to cool your engine and keep it from overheating. Whenever you turn your car’s heater on during those cold winter days, heat from the engine is redirected to inside the car’s cabin to keep you warm and the engine cool.

It Manages Air Purity Levels

If you or any of your loved ones struggle with allergies, you’ll understand the importance of keeping the air you breathe as clean as possible. What’s often overlooked is the air that comes into your car and hovers in a contained environment with you. Your car is exposed to several bacteria, harmful spores, dust and microorganisms every day, not to mention exhaust fumes and other man-made pollutants. Ensuring that your air filters are clean and air conditioning system is working properly is important for your health and wellbeing.

Whether your car’s air conditioner needs a regular service or an emergency repair, our team of experts will get you breathing easy and safe on the road again. Come visit us in Stittsville or give us a call for all your servicing needs.