About Stittsville Automotive Service

Come to Stittsville Automotive Service for expert vehicle repair and maintenance. From your brakes to your transmission and everything else in your car, we can take care of it. Keep yourself on the road and bring your vehicle in for a tune-up today.

Our pledge

  • Conduct ourselves at all times with the honesty, integrity and skills associated with professionals.
  • Stand behind our work and honour all guarantees and warranties associated with the services we provide and the products/parts we use.
  • Recommend and perform only those services we deem to be in the best interests of our customers.
  • Continuously update our knowledge to effectively meet the demands of new automotive technologies.
  • Continuously upgrade our tools and equipment to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated automobiles.
  • Provide our customers with fair value for services rendered.

New Car Warranty Service Stittsville – Kanata

Stick with the neighbourhood professionals you have grown to know and trust at Stittsville Automotive Service. Trained and certified to keep your new car running showroom smooth, our skilled technicians are your best choice for top-quality maintenance and service.Regardless of what the salesperson at the big auto dealership may have said, you do not have to return to them for the scheduled maintenance and service that is necessary to keep your new car’s warranty intact. Read the fine print. Any reputable repair shop can service your new vehicle so long as you follow the proper maintenance intervals. In fact, more new cars are maintained by independent garages than by dealerships. Why?

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The reason is a basic one. Year after year, surveys disclose that independents rank No. 1 when it comes to auto repair and customer satisfaction. Here at Stittsville auto repair Kanata Service, our customers tell us it is because the work is done right, it is finished on time, and moreover, the technicians “know me, know my driving habits … and know cars”! Remember then, you do not have to sacrifice personal attention when you purchase a new vehicle. Our skilled technicians are fully qualified to do the maintenance and service work required under new car warranties. And unlike the indifferent treatment you’d get at many of those big, impersonal dealerships, we’ll even explain to you what we have done when the work is completed.

At Stittsville Automotive…

We are dedicated to getting you home safe and sound.