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Our Tire Services

In terms of car safety, your tires are some of the most critical parts of your vehicle and therefore need to be kept well-maintained if you want optimal control of your car and to keep yourself and your passengers safe. When you need a tire change in Kanata Come to the Stittsville Automotive shop for the best tire change or replacement Services in Kanata.

Several factors can affect your driving experience when it comes to your snow tires, including improper inflation and worn tread. Most major tire manufacturers recommend that tires be replaced every six to ten years, at most. Your driving style and how much you drive are the main factors that will determine how long your tires will last, but other factors also need to be kept in mind, including exposure to the elements. If you live in an area that frequently experiences extreme temperatures combined with constant UV exposure, it’s important to remember that weather conditions can impact tire pressure. High temperatures take up the air in your vehicle tires; this can cause your tires to degrade over time.

The most significant indication that you need a new set of tires is when the tread has visibly worn down to the point where the grooves are nearly even with the rest of the tire. At this point your vehicle will have inferior traction and stand the risk of bursting due to the rubber being worn down to such a degree.


Here Are A Few Tips For Buying New Tires:

  • Replace all four tires at the same time. This will ensure optimal driving control as the tread and grip will be completely even on all sides.
  • Buy matching tires. Ideally, invest in the same brand or ensure that you buy tires with the same speed rating. If you’re replacing only two tires, place both on the same axle for even distribution and control.
  • Keep load-carrying capacity in mind. Consult your owner’s manual to determine which types of tires will be best for your vehicle and always ensure you buy tires which are equal to or greater than manufacturer recommendations.
  • If you’re only replacing two tires, have the new tires installed on your rear axle and swop the rear tires with the front ones.

Our team of automotive specialists in Stittsville have years of professional experience and can advise you on the best solution for your particular vehicle and needs. Call us or come in for a consultation or tire fitment to keep your car in premium condition.

Our Suspension Services

Your car’s suspension is what keeps your vehicle balanced and protects against you feeling the impact of driving over rough or uneven terrain with speed bumps or dirt roads. Your suspension system involves your shock absorbers, springs, linkages and tires working in unison. Any damage or wear and tear to this part of your vehicle will cause you to have trouble driving and retaining control, so you feel the impact of all the bumps and dips in the road.

Signs That Your Suspension Needs Servicing Or A Replacement:

The Car Pulls To One Side When You Drive

If your suspension system is failing, one indication is that if your car drifts or pulls towards the left or right while you drive. This typically means the shocks are worn and can be very dangerous as your car’s stability is compromised.

You Can Feel Every Bump In The Road

If you’re suddenly experiencing a rough ride where your car seems to bounce after even the smallest bump, your shocks are worn out.

Rough Braking

Does your car seems to ‘nosedive’ and rock a bit when you apply brakes? Bad suspension can reduce your ability to stop in time by up to 20%, making it very dangerous to be on the road.

Uneven Tire Tread

Good suspension leaves your car’s tires wearing down evenly. If you notice the tread is only worn on one side or in patches, you need to get your suspension checked out.

One End Of The Car Sits Lower

If your vehicle is no longer symmetrical when you face it and one corner sits lower than the other, one of the car’s springs has likely been damaged.

Oily Or Greasy Shocks

If you look under your vehicle and see grease or oil around the shocks, there’s a good chance that they need replacement. Shock absorbers contain fluid which dampens the impact of driving over bumpy terrain. When it leaks, the shock performance is reduced, leading to shock failure.

At Stittsville Automotive, we have all the expertise and equipment to quickly and thoroughly analyse your vehicle’s suspension and determine if and where there is a problem. During our suspension inspection, we’ll check the following:

  • Damage to compression bumpers
  • Damage to protective boots
  • Wear and tear to the rubber mounting bushings
  • Abnormal or uneven tire tread wear
  • Leaks on housing
  • Dents on the strut or shock body

Contact us today if you find your car has any of the problems mentioned above and we’ll help you get back on the road.