Vehicle Rust Proofing Service Stittsville Kanata

You Car Deserves Quality Rustproofing Treatment

With all those miles driven, seasonal changes and exposure to various external elements, your vehicle will experience gradual wear and tear. Maintenance is important if you want to keep your car looking and working great for many years to come. One aspect that’s often overlooked is the risk of rust and the damage it can do if left unchecked.

Rust not only affects the aesthetic of your vehicle but also causes serious damage to your car’s underbody through corrosion, which can ultimately cause mechanical and even electrical failure. If you wish to keep your car in the best possible condition or have just purchased a new car and want to keep it pristine, rustproofing is a highly recommended treatment.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Benefits Of Rust Proofing:

Enhanced Lifecycle

By preventing corrosion, your vehicle will remain structurally and mechanically sound for longer. Consider it a solid investment in keeping your car at its best.

Higher Resale Value

Rust is associated with degradation, which will bring down the resale value and deter potential buyers.


Rust, while not visually appealing, can also be very hazardous as it compromises the structural integrity of your entire car. This means any possible collision or impact you may encounter could cause panels and other parts to collapse when they’re not supposed to.

Lower Repair Costs

Just as with all other types of maintenance, rust protection will reduce damage to your car and save you a great deal of repair and replacement costs during its lifetime.


Our team proudly uses Canadian Rust Control for all our rust proofing work. Its premium rust prevention formula is designed specifically for our climate and the harsh elements our vehicles are exposed to, including salt and salt laced slush. It offers complete protection and penetrates and protects even the smallest joints, stopping existing rust in its tracks and preventing any future rust from forming. Canadian Rust Control also cleans and protects your electrical systems, helping electric windows, locks and door mechanisms to move smoothly. On top of all these features, it’s also environmentally friendly as it contains no toxic solvents.

If you live in the Stittsville-Kanata area and want to give your car the best protection and longevity possible, consult the team Stittsville Automotive Services for a consultation and see what we can do for you.

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