Vehicle Tune-ups Stittsville – Kanata

Get Your Tune-Up in Stittsville

While major services are crucial to keep your car in premium condition, the intervals between services can often be years, depending on how much you drive and how old your car is. A lot of wear and tear, as well as small issues, can happen during that time, which is why a tune-up is an integral part of taking care of your vehicle if you want it to last for many years to come and remain safe on the road.

A tune-up at Stittsville Automotive Services involves our skilled and experienced automotive specialists going through your entire vehicle and identifying problem areas that need correction or improvement. This procedure includes checking the following areas which are prone to experiencing issues over time:

  • Battery voltage and charging voltage
  • Power balance & dynamic compression to identify mechanical problems/worn or broken parts
  • Engine vacuum, to detect air leaks
  • Fuel feedback control loop operation
  • Exhaust emissions levels
  • Idle speed & idle mixture
  • Full electronic analysis

What Happens During A Tuneup?

Typically, tune-ups will involve our team replacing smaller parts that have worn down or degraded. These parts typically include your windshield wipers, spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, rotor or distributor caps, belts, hoses and fluids.


How Can You Tell What Needs Replacing?

Often damage to one or more part of your vehicle isn’t visible to the naked eye, and sometimes your car might still be performing correctly despite the damage inside. For this reason, our service centre uses sophisticated analytical and diagnostic equipment to monitor every part of your vehicle and identify any problems, including ones you may not yet even be aware of.

This process helps us find electronic issues which may become very costly down the line and allows us to correct them in time. Often leaving problems that are affordable to fix, results in an incredibly expensive job being required further down the line. After a tune-up service with us, you’ll find your vehicle runs a lot more smoothly, and your fuel consumption will improve.

Give us a call to book a tune-up, and we’ll get your car back in peak condition in no time!

Oil Changes

When Did You Last Check Your Oil?

There’s a reason that everyone who drives a car frequently is often told to check their car’s oil levels and to get an oil change frequently. Your car’s oil is the lifeblood of your car, and when it does its job, it performs three important functions:

  • It lubricates all moving components of the car to ensure it operates without friction and reduces wear and tear.
  • It regulates engine temperature and prevents the engine from corrosion caused by condensation.
  • It prevents carbon deposits and other substances from building up in the engine and causing damage.

Important Facts About Oil:

As you drive, the oil in your car begins to evaporate slowly. This is why you need to check your oil levels at frequent intervals. Aging oil becomes less effective as its viscosity changes and becomes thick and sludgy, leaving it unable to lubricate your engine and the rest of your vehicle. If you leave your oil unchanged for too long, this sludge can cause severe damage to your car and even result in you needing an engine replacement.

If you’ve been driving with old oil in your car, there’s a good chance that there are small metal particles in it which were transported during the circulation process. This is due to the increase in friction between the moving parts, resulting in these particles breaking off and being carried with the oil. Over time this can cause severe damage to your car.

Regularly changing your oil not only protects your car but also helps improve your fuel efficiency and extends the life span of your car by many years. Typically your car will require an oil change for every 5000 kms it travels.

At Stittsville Automotive Services we offer quick, efficient oil changes to keep your car in great shape and get you back on the road in no time. Also, we offer a quick & efficient auto tune-up service in Kanata.

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