Top Tips From Auto Repair Kanata Experts: How To Take Care Of Your Car

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Top Tips From Auto Repair Kanata Experts: How To Take Care Of Your Car

Auto Repair Experts

Making sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape is really just as simple as maintaining good car care habits. Some of these care maintenance tasks can be done daily, just a few minutes in the morning. Others, which happen less frequently, require a bit more planning and effort. Here are some recommendations to keep your car in the best condition. If you have any specific concerns about your vehicle or you would like advice on maintaining your vehicle, speak to your auto repair partner in Kanata.

Easy And Quick

Think of these minor adjustments as rudimentary hygiene for your vehicle – like personal daily habits such as brushing your teeth – that prevent build-up, which prevents bigger (and more expensive) issues down the line. All you need is a few minutes, and your motor will be well cared for all year long. The beginning steps of car care include the basics such as cleaning your windshield, checking your tire pressure, and checking your oil pressure. Add in good habits such as maintaining a safe fuel level, checking the water level, and keeping a clean vehicle, and you are well set. An added benefit of keeping your car clean (outside washed and inside clear and polished) is that it will retain its finishings, quality, and value for much longer. The Auto Repair Katana performs repairs on air conditioning systems for most vehicle makes and models.

Planned Maintenance

Refer to your vehicle’s manual and adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule for the best results (and to ensure any warranties if applicable). That being said, there are a number of DIY car maintenance tasks that will ensure that you pick up any potential problems early on or avoid them altogether. Make sure to change your oil every 5,000 km, your air filter every 20,000 km, and rotate your tires every 10,000 to 12,000 km – or as recommended for your vehicle.

General Car Care

If you can, make sure that your car is parked in a garage or even a carport to protect it. Make sure to operate it as intended. Check under the hood for any errant vermin or possible seepage from hoses, etc. All in all, simply monitor your vehicle and ensure that you address any changes to avoid nasty surprises down the road.

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