Kanata Residents, How often should you change your tires?

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Kanata Residents, How often should you change your tires?

Tyre Change

The health and state of your tires is an integral key in ensuring your safety when within the four doors of your vehicle. Many of us only ever think about a tire change when something has happened to one or more of our tires that immediately affects the efficiency and operation of our vehicles negatively, but this can be detrimental for the ultimate safety of anyone in your vehicle at any given time.

As an automotive owner, we are sure you are aware of the fact that it is recommended to check your tires on a regular basis to ensure they are always in sufficient condition to offer maximum stability and safety on the roads, whether the skies are blue or grey, whether the road is wet or covered in snow. It is important that the tires on your car are, at all times, road worthy as this not only impacts the safety of you and those traveling with you, but it directly impacts other drivers on the road. Safety is most important when thinking about anything to do with your car’s reliability and functionality. So, how do you make sure your tires are keeping you and others safe?

Annual Tire Evaluation Checks Are Recommended

Because the level of wear and tear on your tires is so dependent on multiple factors that include, but are not limited to, personal driving habits such as driving style, the type of car you own, the inflation level of your tires, your vehicle’s wheel alignment and the condition of the roads you frequently drive on, the damage on tires that happen every year can vary widely between drivers. This is why it is best to get a professional evaluation of the health of your tires at least once annually, if not more. This grants you the opportunity to stay aware of how safe and reliable your tires are every year and lets you assess how long of a lifespan your tires should still have.

This may help in assuring you are not only thinking about a tire change when encountering a puncture. The tread depth and damage that may not be easily visible can create immense danger. However, even if your tires are still in mint condition you can plan to replace each of them after some time as yes, they happen to have an expiry date.

You Can Count On Having To Change Your Tires Every Six Years 

Most tire brands state that you can get 10 years out of your tires if maintained perfectly. However, even if you manage to preserve the tread to be within the legal depth on a 10-year old tire, a tire that old can suffer from internal damage and its safety can be compromised. This is why it is best to expect to replace a tire every six years after its manufacturing date, no matter how much mileage the tire has done.

Stittsville Automotive offers its customers expert vehicle maintenance and repair. Contact us today for your annual tire evaluation or for the best tire change services around and in Kanata.

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