Vehicle Care With Stittsville Automotive Service

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March 30, 2020

Vehicle Care With Stittsville Automotive Service


Car repairs happen to be the one area of vehicle care, that many of us cannot seem to agree on. While some swear by using a professional every time, others believe that you can easily do-it-yourself from the comfort of your home. But car repair bills can be quite a steep and a specialised task that does require industry expertise. So why do so many of us still choose to forgo a professional mechanic or car repair in Kanata from a reputable car repair service shop? Simply because we assume, we can do an adequate job at a fraction of the cost.

At Stittsville Automotive Service, we can’t help but disagree with this assumption because we understand the value of using a certified mechanic on your vehicle. Many of us often forget that cars are designed for safe transportation and insufficient maintenance or poor repairs can compromise that. Which is why we always advise customers to use a professional and we explain why below.

  1. We Give You Up-Front Costs

A major disadvantage of doing a car repair by yourself is that you may not have the knowledge about the inner workings of a vehicle. This can be a hindrance as you proceed on if you have not assessed the entire car and find out half-way through, that there may be a bigger problem. This can lead to further trips to buy more tools and parts, ultimately affecting your budget. But when you come to a pro car repair shop in Kanata like us, we give you up-front costs on your assessment so that you aren’t in for a surprise at the end and can adjust your finances accordingly.

  1. We Work With Your Schedule

Planning to repair your car yourself takes time, money and effort. While you think you may save on the costs, you won’t be able to estimate an accurate schedule of how long the repairs will take. Without first-hand knowledge of working in the industry, it can be difficult to know exactly how much time you need to set aside, apart from your work and family life. But we can give you a detailed timeline that you can easily slot into your schedule with peace-of-mind, knowing that it’s a convenient drop-off and pick-up from your side.

  1. We Get The Job Done Quickly

Again, time can be an important factor that you may not have or that you underestimate when it comes to your car repairs. Because of your inexperience to the industry, it may take you longer to quickly resolve any malfunctions on your vehicle. This can have a knock-on effect on your daily routine if you are reliant on your car for transportation. However, a professional mechanic works quickly and methodically to repair your car.

Although cost can be a significant factor in maintaining your vehicle, it needs to be considered wisely. It may seem like the more advantageous option right now, especially if you have a tight budget but that may not be the case over time. As there can be serious implications for poor workmanship in the future or even more bills due because you did not repair your vehicle properly. For comprehensive service and car repairs in Kanata, give us a call at Stittsville Automotive Service today.
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