Reacting To The Lights On Your Dashboard To Avoid Long Term Damage

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February 28, 2022
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January 3, 2023

Reacting To The Lights On Your Dashboard To Avoid Long Term Damage

We understand how easy it is to notice a flashing light appearing on the dashboard and keep on driving with no intention of having it looked at by a Kanata auto repair professional. Purposely ignoring one flashing light for more than a few weeks may cause a second light to emerge. While these lights on your dashboard are screaming for your immediate attention, there may be something more sinister occurring underneath the hood of your car and inside your engine. Wait for too long, and you may cause serious damage to your beloved vehicle.

The temptation to ignore your car’s warning lights is strong, but often this can leave you in a difficult position. Sometimes stuck on the side of the road, waiting for someone to come and help. Rather stay on the side and check to see why your car is giving these warnings.

Here are some warning lights, what they mean, and how you can do your part to leave your car a bit healthier and running for a while longer.

Immediate Action 

You may need to take immediate action to prevent irreversible damage to your vehicle. Lights or dials that indicate overheating need to be dealt with at that very moment. Most cars have a gauge that indicates how hot or cold the radiator is while one is driving. If this gauge begins to rise and enters into the red zone, it is imminent that action is taken.

Hit the emergency lights, pull over and allow your engine to cool down. Opening up the hood of the car allows any excess heat to leave. After a few minutes, with the engine running, you may fill up your radiator with water. If this issue is not addressed and you continue to drive every day, your car may need some serious repairs in the long run.

The brake warning light is another immediate action light. When a concern arises with your brakes, it is no joke. Pulling over immediately after noticing the issue may be the safest reaction. Low brake fluid or other issues with your brakes put you in danger. Contact a professional immediately.

You Should Have That Looked At 

When you notice your battery light blaring, it is important not to procrastinate the process of recharging. If this is left for too long, you may end up stranded, and your car would need to be towed.

The engine light is another source of concern. Some vehicles have a service engine light that may come on. When this appears on your dashboard, it is vital to service your car. Do not hesitate, as driving around with dashboard lights flashing is a guaranteed way to send your vehicle in for auto repairs.

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