Hire A Professional Mechanic for Regular Car Repairs and Servicing: Why Regularly Servicing Your Car Is Important

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Hire A Professional Mechanic for Regular Car Repairs and Servicing: Why Regularly Servicing Your Car Is Important

Regular car services reduce the risk of unexpectedly dealing with repairs that turn out to be quite costly. Remember that both interim and full services are important as they improve your automobile’s overall running and lifespan. Be sure to check out the service schedule of your vehicle’s specific make and model, as service details can vary from one manufacturer to the next.

Regular servicing ensures that your car is in top-notch condition by performing checks on all crucial elements. Frequent servicing increases the worth of your vehicle- as at the end of the day, when you are ready to sell your vehicle, buyers would much rather invest in something that has been well-maintained as opposed to something that has experienced significant wear and tear.

Types Of Car Services

Let’s now take a look at the two main car services offered by mechanics. Aside from offering services catered toward only one or two areas of maintenance or repair, mechanics offer interim and full services. Interim services should be conducted after every 20 000 km (6 000 miles), whereas full services are recommended at the 40 000-km (12 000-mile) mark.

Interim services allow mechanics to inspect the condition of your car’s engine, clutch, steering and suspension, lights, tyres and battery. Mechanics will also check the levels of various fluids such as the coolant, screen wash and brake fluid.

Full services include the above inspections but are certainly not limited to them. A full service will generally also include a replacement of the car’s air filter as well as the checking of wheel bearings and both the front and back brakes. Furthermore, the state of the engine’s cooling fan, door hinges, and radiator pipes are all analyzed with great care.

Services We Offer 

We offer affordable services and strive to keep you safe and sound on the road by delivering quality auto services. Allow our skilled team of mechanics to assist in the following areas:

  • Brake repair
  • Transmissions services
  • Rustproofing
  • Air conditioning and quality
  • Suspension and tires
  • Tune-ups and oil changes
  • Maintenance and safety inspections
  • Repairs and servicing

If you’re looking for car repair in Kanata, get in touch with Stittsville automotive today! We deliver friendly and professional assistance 5 days a week and would be delighted to take care of your vehicle.