Winter Preparation To Prevent Unnecessary Car Repair In Kanata

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July 30, 2021
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September 23, 2021

Winter Preparation To Prevent Unnecessary Car Repair In Kanata

As we head into fall and the mercury starts to drop, it is a good time to review your cold-weather car preparations to avoid unnecessary damage and the need for a car repair in Kanata this winter. Review this list of essential items to check before winter hits.


Check the tread and sidewalls of all tires, including the spare, for wear and damage. If it’s time for a tire rotation, get your wheel alignment and balancing done too. Tire pressure should be checked more frequently as the temperature drops. Low tire pressure is common in colder weather.  Investigate the option of winter tires.


Any rattles, squeals and unresponsiveness should be checked out thoroughly. Remember that stopping distances are affected by wet or icy roads, so you need your brakes to be in tip-top condition.

Wiper Blades And Washer Fluid

The rubber on wiper blades deteriorates more rapidly than you might think. Check blades for any tears or inefficient operation. Replace as necessary. Keep your washer fluid topped up as you will be using it more than usual in icy weather.

Oil Level

Check your oil level when your car is running, and the engine has warmed up. Low levels will result in damage to your engine.


Adding anti-freeze to your vehicle’s cooling system will ensure that water in the system does not freeze. First, check that the coolant is at the appropriate level with the correct ratio of anti-freeze to water.


Your battery can be put under a lot of strain in cold weather. Test your battery to ensure that it will be powerful enough to start your engine on a freezing cold day. Make sure all cables are securely connected, and the battery is free of corrosion.


Clean all headlamps and other lights regularly to remove any dirt build-up. Grimy lights can lose almost half of their luminosity, causing a hazard in poor visibility situations.

Emergency Kit

Pack the following items into your car to make sure that you are prepared for emergency situations:

  • ice scraper / snow brush / de-icer
  • warming clothing and blankets
  • waterproof footwear like rain boots
  • torch and batteries (check regularly)
  • phone charger and a regularly charged mobile battery pack
  • a shovel (and possibly wooden planks or old carpet pieces)
  • jump leads
  • high visibility vest or bib
  • strong tow strap
  • bottle of water and non-perishable snack items
  • multi-tool

To make sure that your car is ready for winter conditions and to carry out any necessary car repairs in Kanata, contact Stittsville Automotive Service today. Our professional, highly qualified mechanics will keep your car on the road, no matter the weather.