What You Need To Know About Wheel Alignment

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What You Need To Know About Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an element of your vehicle health that plays a massive role in your safety. Directly impacting the control you have over the car, ensuring your four points of road contact are directed as they should be.

There is more to proper assembly than adjusting the angles of your car’s wheels. It also refers to the adjustment of a car’s suspension in relation to the configuration.

Driving on skew wheels is a safety hazard, to you and everyone on the road around you, as it can cause your car to drift out of traffic lanes and increase chances of a collision. It also leads to increased friction between your wheels and the road, resulting in rapidly thinning tread patterns and causing poor road performance in continuous operation.

Not Just Straight Lines

You can get the most out of your vehicle’s steering response and ensure a maintained driving direction by checking the vehicle’s wheels. As the most used part of your car and at risk to the most potential wear and tear, ensuring the security of your wheels is paramount to vehicle safety. If they have become misaligned, you should realign the suspension as well as the wheels by correcting the wheel angles.

Camber angle is the inward or outward angle of the wheel as if it were viewed from the front of the car. Too much inward or outward tilt hints at improper balancing and will need to be adjusted accordingly. The toe angle Is the left or right wheel slant and is the extent to which your wheels turn inward or outward when looking at it from above. The caster angle is the angle of your steering axis when looking at it from the side of your car. This helps balance steering and provides stability driving around corners. If you have a positive or negative alignment in either of these areas, help is needed to ensure your car performs at its best.

Contact Stittsville Automotive Service in Kanata today to check in on the wheel alignment of your vehicle in Kanata. With your safety in mind, be sure to use the trusted name in road and automotive safety.