Tire Change, Kanata, In Accordance With New Road Widening And Resurfacing

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Tire Change, Kanata, In Accordance With New Road Widening And Resurfacing

Tire Change

The recent widening of roads as well as the resurfacing of many road surfaces within the Kanata area means motorists can now opt for wider tires, to be enjoyed on wider roads. And why wouldn’t they go wider when wider tires offer so many advantages.

A Quick Look At What A Wider Tire Is

Put simply, a wider tire is a normal tire which exceeds the average tire size. If your car’s specifications allow for wider tires – as some car models won’t accommodate wider tires – these larger width tires can range can be used for either aesthetic appearance or performance enhancements. With wider tires, the contact area between the car and the road is considerably more substantial, with wider tires being more able to grip and accelerate on surfaces – better than its narrower tire counterparts.

Benefits Of Wider Tires

  • More suitability for winter driving conditions
  • Improved car handling in different road and weather conditions
  • Optimum overall performance experienced for motorists
  • More sipes interlock with the ground
  • Shorter braking distance due to larger tread blocks
  • Consistent and balanced drivability and better steering precision
  • Enhanced grip and acceleration
  • Sportier driving comfort

Wider Tires Mean Broader Awareness

While wider tires are legal, the driver must still be aware of the driving changes that will occur and drive accordingly. Adhering to safety guidelines set out by the tire and vehicle manufacturer must be adhered to ensure safety on the road.

Remember, Width Has Its Limits

Vehicle documentation will provide specifications and will provide information about the widest tires you can fit on the rim of your vehicle. Going above and beyond this will surely impair the performance of your vehicle and create unsafe driving. Tires which are too wide can cause hydroplaning, an uncomfortable drive, aquaplaning, less control on slippery, loose surfaces and much more hazardous situations on the road. In addition, you can expect restrictions on motion freedom and your turning radius. So, be sure to not go above and beyond your vehicles tire stock size.

You Don’t Have To Look Far And Wide, Contact Us

Enjoy the wider roads in Kanata and all the benefits of wider tires. Contact us at Stittsville Automotive Services for all your wide tire needs. Our tire experts will be able to advise you on the best width for your vehicle. Call us for your tire change, Kanata.