Our Guarantee: Automotive Expertise Meets Customer Satisfaction

Any time you pay for a service, you’re bound to have a few expectations. These may vary, depending on what the service is. When it comes to one of your most expensive possessions – i.e. your car – it only makes sense to get it serviced by experts who have access to the correct equipment, parts, and facilities. At Stittville Automotive Service, we strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship and to keep all of our clients happy through consistently great work. We promise our clients:

Services Provided By a Qualified Team of Mechanics with Years of Experience

Each member of our team has a proven track record of industry knowledge, backed up by extensive experience. From old, classic models to the most modern cars, we commit to continuous skills development so that we can offer informed advice and servicing.

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Candid Communication About All Aspects of the Car Service

We’ll never keep you in the dark about what your car needs, what our role is in providing it, and what your part is in making it happen. Our clients are our partners in delivering top quality service; so we communicate clearly at all times.

Commitment to Keeping Reasonable Time Frames

Once we’ve assessed your car and determined a course of action, we can give you a reasonable estimate of how long repairs and maintenance will take. We train our team to be prompt in this regard, so you’ll have your car back in no time.

Only the Best, Manufacturer-Approved Replacement Parts

We are proud to say that we exclusively use car parts that manufacturers approve of. This protects our clients in insurance claims and ensures that you have long-term use of your car after we’ve worked on it.

A Direct Point of Contact for Any Questions or Queries You May Have

If we don’t meet one or more of the promises above, all you have to do is call or pop in, and we’ll respond swiftly. It’s as simple as a call or stop by, where you can ask to speak with one of the owners, Bob or Chris, and we will, first of all, correct the issue. We want you to be happy with the work we have carried out and the customer service you have received. Also, to make up for your inconvenience or dissatisfaction, we’ll give you a gift voucher for dinner for two – on us!


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