Clear Signs Your Vehicle Needs An Auto Tune-Up in Kanata

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Clear Signs Your Vehicle Needs An Auto Tune-Up in Kanata

Auto Tune Up

Our vehicles, whether they be a trusty and reliable, every-day use type of car or a more sophisticated, multi-functional vehicle, are considered an essential and important asset in life to many people across the globe.

So, it is easy to understand why keeping our vehicles in a pristine and orderly, roadworthy condition is and should be a top priority for all vehicle owners. More often than not, we neglect the maintenance of the everyday wear and tear our vehicles suffer. An annual auto tune-up service in Kanata is recommended for standard or older vehicles with non-electrical engines in order to ensure your car is running at maximum capacity, and affording you maximum safety, at any given moment.

However, how do you know when it is exactly the right and needed time to send your beloved vehicle in for an extensive auto tune-up? Well, let us take a look at a few of the clear signs you will start to see your car exhibit when it is time for you to call your favourite automotive service shop.

  1. No, It’s Not Supposed To Be Making That Noise 

Many of us are guilty of ignoring the strange sound resonating from under the hood of our vehicles, no matter how obscure and new it may be but no, it is not supposed to sound like that and yes, you should call your mechanic.

  1. Just Can’t Seem To Get Going Fast Enough? 

You may think your car is slow to accelerate because of its age or engine power, but don’t be quick to underestimate your vehicle problem. Slow acceleration is a sign of normal and expected wear and tear on your car and it may just need a simple auto tune-up to inspire some more pep in its step.

  1. An Engine Misfire Is More Often Than Not, Considered Dire 

If your engine is misfiring, it means that one or multiple cylinders have stopped giving power to your engine. This should not be ignored! This loss of power brings with it an incredibly uncomfortable and unsettling shaking sensation.

  1. And Then There Was Light!

So, let’s be honest. Just how many times exactly have one of the little icons on your dashboard lit up, and you have found yourself staring at it in confusion trying to figure out what it means, only to shrug your shoulders and continue on with your day, none the wiser? Yes, we know it is probably way too often. If any of your dashboard lights come on, it is a clear sign you need to send your car in for its annual auto tune-up in Kanata and urgently!

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